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  • “The Windy” Tall Ship ride

    “The Windy” Tall Ship ride

    So this was the third dreadful time we’ve tried to get on this ship the past week because it was in such high demand with the new YouSwoop deal. I was really excited for Landon to experience his first boat ride and in particular, this special pirate-themed one.

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  • The Adventures of Landon Christopher

    The Adventures of Landon Christopher

    Welp, gone are the days of having a precious little swaddled baby. I now officially have a babbling, crazy, mobile toddler. Not walking just yet, but we are soo close I can taste it. He walks really well with his little lawnmower

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  • The road less traveled

    The road less traveled

    We took a road trip up to Wisconsin along with Chris’ brother Kevan to spend a long weekend with some good friends on their lake to celebrate the Fourth. On the drive down with about another hour or two to go (total drive = 8 hours),

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  • Amber Dusick: sleeping (or not)

    Amber Dusick: sleeping (or not)

    I’m nursing my youngest and haven’t even begun to think about sleeping yet. I lay there motionless, pretending to be calm and relaxed so he’ll fall asleep. Anyway, I’m cold since the blankets aren’t on my top half.

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  • Vegetarian & Organic Eating

    Vegetarian & Organic Eating

    Okay so I receive numerous comments and questions on a daily basis about why I am a vegetarian. I hope posting this will help answer all the questions, and I hope it will actually inspire changes in your eating habits as well!

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