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  • 18 months!

    18 months!

    I can’t believe that Landon is now a one & a half year old. But I can say that 18 month old Landon is the best Landon yet. Although I say that every month, I truly mean it this time. Minus the tantrums. But even those are really funny. A few fun facts about the

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  • Sick Baby

    Sick Baby

    Not looking forward to traveling with him on thursday, but we have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow….In the meantime, frequent nasal bulb syringes and boogie wipes for honeybunny and lots of tea & honey for mumma.

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  • Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day

    I had an awesome First Mother’s Day. Minus the fact that I missed my best friend’s bachelorette weekend getaway in AC. (Love you Laur). But we had an absolutely gorgeous day and all the tulips were in bloom throughout the city – my favorite part

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  • Landon’s first birthday party

    Landon’s first birthday party

    I can’t believe it but my precious little baby is turning ONE this June. I am so excited to have a big day to just celebrate him and what a wonderful, sweet little blessing he has been in our lives and so many others’.

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  • Good books

    Good books

    Secrets of the Baby Whisperer. Read this during your first few weeks with your baby when he/she arrives. It helps you emotionally and mentally cope with many problems women face during their child’s infancy as well as provides life-saving tips

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  • Cloth Diapers!

    Cloth Diapers!

    I never even thought about cloth diapering Honeybunny before he was born, or for the first couple months of his life. If you would have tried to talk to me about cloth diapering when I was pregnant I probably would have told you to go take

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  • For the DADS

    For the DADS

    From the very moment she announces her pregnancy, she’ll be the center of attention — not you. Get used to it. When the baby comes, they’ll both be the center of attention — not you. Aren’t you glad you had nine months to practice going unnoticed?

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  • I love a good discount

    I love a good discount

    For new and expecting mothers, here are a few gold mines I’ve found along the way: 1. Zulily. This is a free members-only site that offers HUGE savings on designer goods for babies, toddlers, and moms. 2. Thrifting. Yes, I said it. And I do it.

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  • A Birth Story

    A Birth Story

    It was a Friday and I just finished work. I was due in a week so I was excited to now have this time to rest, relax, get some last minute stuff for the nursery, and spend my last stretch of QT with Chris as a twosome.

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  • Before I Was a Mom…

    Before I Was a Mom…

    Okay, I didn’t make this up but a friend sent it to me last Mother’s Day when Honeybunny was still baking and I loved it so much so thought I’d share Before I was a Mom, I never tripped over toys or forgot words to a lullaby.

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